EAA Chapter 15 Scholarship Information  
Information about the current scholarships offered by EAA Chapter 15  






Our Chapter:

  • Chapter 15 is a group of airplane pilots, builders, mechanics, plus anyone interested in general aviation. 
  • We support students working toward a career in aviation
  • We introduce students to the world of general aviation through the Young Eagles program and our personal High School Outreach programs.
  • Preference will be given to students who are members of EAA and participate in general aviation activities through a local EAA chapter
  • While the final award decision will be made by Lewis University, Chapter 15 will review submissions and make recommendations
  • For more information about the Experimental Aircraft Association, see eaa.org
  • Chapter 15 is located at Lewis Airport; meetings are held at the terminal building on the second Tuesday of each month. Students are invited and are very welcome to join us!
  • Students who are active in a different chapter of EAA will be given equal consideration as those involved with Chapter 15; to find a chapter, use the locator at eaa.org under "chapters"
  • For more information, contact Chapter 15 at scholarships@eaa15.org
  • Scholarship amounts fluctuate. More information can be found at Lewis University



EAA Chapter 15 is looking for a qualified candidate for our 2024 flight scholarship. Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of age 15 for glider training.

  • Age 16-19 for powered flight training.

  • Possession of a student pilot certificate.

  • Possession of FAA medical certificate. (private pilot students)

Be able to begin their flight training within 60 days of receiving the award.

Additional consideration will be given to candidates who are former Young Eagles, EAA student members, and actively participating in the EAA Flight Plan, specifically the Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

Once selected by the chapter, the youth will also be screened by EAA through an application process, which will require approval from the local chapter. If approved by EAA, the scholarship recipient will have to comply with the following requirements of EAA Chapter 15:

  • Partake in two hours of chapter volunteer service per month, such as:

  • Young Eagles rally volunteering.

  • Pancake breakfast/fly-in - Cookout volunteering - Concession Trailer
    Fundraising Opportunities

  • Chapter build project support.

  • Chapter meetings participation.

  • Assisting other members with aircraft maintenance

  • Submit regular progress reports, signed off by local chapter and CFI.

  • Reach flight training milestones, as outlined by EAA’s training timeline.

    If you are a possible candidate or know of someone deserving of such a wonderful opportunity, please reach out to a member of the chapter or contact us at


Application for the 2024 Ray Foundation Scholarship is now available. Please fill out and return to info@eaa15.org

Application CLICK HERE