Planes & Projects of EAA Chapter 15 Members  
  Here are some pictures of (past and present) EAA Chapter 15 Members planes and projects. Links to more pictures and descriptions will be posted shortly. If your aircraft is not listed, and you want it posted, please send them along with a short description to the webmaster.

(* denotes a 'Pilot in the Sky')

Bob Kopeika's Rans-21- Started 3/11/19
Dale Klinefelters Czech Sport Cruiser
Jim Klick's 1947 Aeronca L-16A
Bob Kopeika's Vans RV 12
Don Macks' Vans RV6A

Ray Moeller's Sky Bolt
John Bruesch's 1946 Ercoupe


* Carl Unger's 'The Original' Breezy