Monthly Meeting Summary - Sept. 10th, 2019
September 10th, 2019
Thanks to Bob K, we were able, once again, to hold this months meeting, at his hangar while we still have the great weather.

The main topic of discussion:  upcoming events in September and October.

Pretty much the same talks as the last meeting...Career day and community day on September 20th and 21st. It was decided that our Chapter will be represented on the second day since the first day is aimed toward aviation careers. For community day, the Chapter will have a tent and display set up for chapter outreach, such as recruitment and possibly fund raising.

Joliet Open House: Joliet airport. The only update about our Chapters partcipation is our Chapter was granted a chance not only to sell popcorn, but also offer funnel cakes to the public. Equipment usage is being arranged. Date: September 22nd.

Poker Run 2.0: October 6th, 2019. By popular demand, we'll be hosting one more Poker Run in 2019 and we're hoping for a larger turnout. There were many airplanes that planned to attend July's run but the weather held a lot of them at their base airport. over 50 planes registered and over half were able to make it. All we can hope for this time around is NO RAIN!!!

Again, the meeting was short as we broke out the food.

The Chapter shirts are selling very well. A few more orders were placed and again, they'll be in for next Thursdays cookout at Bob's hangar! Again, member prices are $12 for Hats, $20 for shirts. Non-members $15 hats, $24 shirts.