Monthly Meeting Summary - March. 10th, 2020
March 10th, 2020
This months meeting took place in the conference room at the main terminal at Lewis airport. The topics discussed: Ray Foundation Scholarship, Events of the first half,  and other small items. This is just a quick recap of the meeting. If you want more in depth information, please email us at

Ray Foundation Scholarship: Once again, EAA Chapter 15 is submitting their application to receive a $10,000 flight scholarship for one lucky teenage recipient to pursue their dream of flight. After some time to consider, our President announced this years recipient, Jimmy Duffy. Jimmy's been with the chapter for a few months and shown his willingness to contribute in any way possible to EAA cnd our chapter. He'll start his training in May and plans to be finished by the end of summer.  

Events: TBM Reunions - Illinois Valley Airport, Peru, L. On May 15th & 16th, Chapter 15 was invited to participate in this years TBM Avenger Reunion being held at Illinois Valley Airport. Our participation: Providing concessions in the way of donuts. Chapter 15 is in the middle of acquiring a couple of portable donut machines and will be utilizing them at area events throughout the year. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the TBM Solute to Veterans campaign.

Poker Run. This years poker run will be held at Joliet Regional Airport. The decision to hold it at Joliet was based on the ADS-B requirement to fly within class B airspace. With Lewis Airport being inside that airspace, it was only logical to hold it at Joliet since it's location isn't hampered by the restrictions. The last 2 poker runs were attended by a few planes that have yet to upgrade to ADS-B, and we're sure some of them won't since they do not have an electrical system. Having at Joliet also gives it that hometown feeling you like to visit. There will be a slight change in the route this year, we're looking at having 2 routes, on North-West and the other South-East. This will eliminate the issue with pilots flying in having to pass over Joliet to fly further and longer to complete the route. Planes coming from the north could hit the furthest airport from Joliet and work their way in and the same with planes from the south. Date has yet to be determined.

Air Mail 100: It's a once in a lifetime event being held on Sept 11-13th. The event commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first transcontinental air mail flight from New York to San Francisco. Chapter 15 will be a large part of this event as we are hosting the final stop on day 1, Sept 11th, at Joliet Regional Airport. The original Chicago airfield that was the P.O's base was in Maywood, which no longer exists. The next best option was to use Joliet because of it's history and it's involvement with the air mail system back in the late 30's and 40's. The arrival plane coming from Byron, Oh is scheduled to land between 6-6:30pm on Sept 11th. Chapter 15, along with the airport and park district plan to hold a special event that evening open to the public. More information about the events will be published shortly. On Sept 12th at 7am, chapter will depart Joliet airport with the next destination along the route, Iowa City, IA. Chapter 33 out of Cedar Rapids will be hosting that leg of the flight and are planning an event at the Iowa City Airport.

Joliet Regional Airport Festival: Once again, Chapter 15 was invited to participate in this years festival at Joliet. Last year, our chapter provided funnel cakes and drinks to the attending public. This year, with the acquisitions of the donut machines, it will be donuts on the menu. We have yet to decide to put the funnel cake portion on hold, we'll have more on that later.

Fundraising: We have a lot on the table. Information about fundraising was discussed at the meeting. Raffles, Events and a couple other opportunities are moving forward.

FYI: our chapter meetings are open to the public. You do not have to be a member to attend. Come on out to the next one on April 14th.