Monthly Gathering Summary - June 11th, 2019  
Dates June 11th, 2019
Thanks to Bob K, we were able to hold this months meeting at his hangar while the weather was warm and he had plenty of food available.

Not much was discussed for this months meeting. Topics of discussion: Poker Run, Update on Joe Ermel's flight training (Ray Foundation Scholar), Chapter Merchandise, Future Fundraising events.

The first item up for discussion was the Poker Run. Many question were answered any many are still being worked on. The airport list was locked in and can be flown in no particular order, besides Lewis being the last airport on the list. Clow, DeKalb, Morris, Joliet and Lewis. Hands are due no later than 2:30pm at Lewis and food will start to be served at 2:00pm. Cards will be available starting at 8am and several pilots have indicated they will start the run early. Some will fly to the first 4 airports and will end up driving to Lewis for the cookout. Again, they must be there by 2:30pm to have a chance at playing. All of the information about the Poker Run can be found at Food for the event is still being worked on. More information about the food will be posted on the website on June 17th.

Joe Ermel updated the Chapter about his progress. He recently flew his solo flight in JWA's 150 and is working toward his check ride, which he hopefully will have done before the end of the month. Chapter 15 President, Darren Lilja, presented Joe with a hat and t-shirt courtesy of the Ray Foundation for his completion of his FAA written exam and his solo flight. Joe will be receiving more items from the foundation and the Chapter as he gets closer to finishing his training.

Presented (and sold) at the meeting were a few hats that are being offered at the Poker Run. Hats are currently being produced for giveaways on June 22nd. Also, new Chapter 15 hats will be available shortly, along with golf shirts. Orders for the hats and shirts are being taken over the next couple of weeks. A few more samples are being made for members (and non-members) to purchase. Member prices are $12 for Hats, $20 for shirts. Non-members $15 hats, $24 shirts. Pictures of the items available will be posted on the website in a few days.

Several fundraising ideas were suggested and are being worked on. The Chapter board is examining one very big fundraising idea and that will be made public after AirVenture. Our estimated start date looks to be around September. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

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