Monthly Meeting Summary - Jan. 14th, 2020
January 14th, 2020
This months meeting took place in the conference room at the main terminal at Lewis airport. The topics discussed: Ray Foundation Scholarship, Events of the first half,  and other small items. This is just a quick recap of the meeting. If you want more in depth information, please email us at

Ray Foundation Scholarship: Once again, EAA Chapter 15 is submitting their application to receive a $10,000 flight scholarship for one lucky teenage recipient to pursue their dream of flight. We currently have 3 finalists and we'll be making a final decision once we confirm we're accepted to participate for 2020. 

Events: Once again, we're bringing back the Poker Run and make it an annual event. We'll be holding one run this year so we can focus on making it a destination for all pilots in the area. We're improving it with a few minor changes and should help expand our reach to include more pilots in the Midwest.

Movie night: A quick discussion of holding an outdoor movie night with the possibility of overnight camping. Airport is to be determined.

Young Eagles: We're planning on holding a few YE events for 2020. Instead of the normal 'cattle call' and having dozens of kids showing up, we're planning a more personal approach of inviting high school students who have previously shown interest. Our plans are to work with Lewis and give the YE participants a tour of the aviation program at Lewis.

Fundraising: Many ideas were tossed around at the meeting. We have a couple of the ideas nailed down and we are working on the other possibilities. Stay tuned

FYI: our chapter meetings are open to the public. You do not have to be a member to attend. Come on out to the next one on February 11th.