Monthly Gathering Summary - April 9th, 2019  
Dates May 14th, 2019
First, a big THANK YOU goes out the Eric Jones and Lewis University for allowing us access to one of their classrooms. We certainly needed it for the size of the crowd. Our meeting showcased Ed Rachanski from Power by Blueprint of Bedford Park and member of EAA Chapter 15. He gave an incredible presentation for the 30+ attendees... Everything from engine failures to break-ins, oil changes to oil additives. Pretty much the do’s and don'ts of engines. With over 40+ years of experience in the shop, Ed knew how to keep the crowds attention. His collections of slides gave you an inside look of engine failures and repairs.

During his presentation, he opened the floor for questions. He didn’t miss a beat and had answers for them all. As I looked around the room, I can tell he had everyone’s interest. Even some of the non-pilots who attended, they took something away from this experience. But the best part of the presentation was saved until the end. Ed showed a picture to everyone in the room and had them guess what part it was. It was from an engine teardown they had to inspect after an air incident. Prize: 4 pack of AVBlend and an AVBlend Hat! Well, we had 2 winners. Art Glaser and Gary… yes... Gary Budzak. Since Art guessed the parts full name, he won the oil and hat while Gary was awarded just a hat for his part of paving the way for Art to answer correctly. Needless to say, it took a good 2 minutes before we had the answer.

After the meeting, several people approached Ed to talk further about engine failures, his company and AVBlend. With the interest shown, Ed gave us an open invitation to come view his engine shop in Bedford Park and take a tour. With that said, an email will be going out in the near future to see who would be interested in attending a ‘field trip’. I asked him how many we can bring, he said ‘bring a bus load’. So who’s in?

Fact: Ed built the motor for Joel Daley’s Christian Eagle which is displayed in the Student Center at Lewis. So... why would I bring that up? Stay tuned for a big surprise!

Other topics: May 18th, the Chapter is hosting the EAA Annual Learn to Fly Day at Lewis Airport. Individuals who are interested in aviation and are thinking about getting in to the cokcpit, this event is for you.

It's Official: June 22nd is the EAA Chapter 15 Poker Run. Pilots can start as early as 8:00am but need to hand in their cards by 2:30pm on June 22nd at Lewis Airport. We're finalizing the airports and will post them no later than June 3rd. $20 entry fee includes food. Not flying, you can play too. Details are on the Poker Run page of the site.

It was decided that the Annual Chapter Breakfast will be part of the Poker Run. The opinion was not to have 2 large events in the same month. With the breakfast, the airport is scheduling to start work on the parking lots in the beginning of June.


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