Project: 'Un-Named' The '39 Taylorcraft Restore Project  
Time is ticking and the 1939 Taylorcraft project will be starting soon. A couple months back, we held a "Name that project" contest. Well, we have some good news: We have come up with a name BUT we will not be disclosing it for another month, Why? We still have stage 3 of the project to be determined. We are currently designing a logo for the project and we're hoping that will be done in the next 2-3 weeks. Once that is completed, the 4th and final stage will begin: restoration of the aircraft.


Information about the project aircraft:

As mentioned at the April 9th meeting, Our President, Darren Lilja, informed the Chapter about the results of the on-line survey. One of the questions received a considerable amount of interest: A Rebuild/Restore of an aircraft.

Well, within 3 days of that announcement, an aircraft was lined up for the project. Courtesy of the Jaycor Foundation, the aircraft was acquired on Saturday April 13th and brought it back to Illinois in a 13 hour round trip.

The aircraft: 1939 Taylorcraft BL-65.

Amazingly, all of the parts and paperwork were included. Surprisingly, the the original logbook from the very first owner was also in the box. All of the dash instruments are intact but are in unknown condition. She does need some work but we don't think it's something that can't be done.

The goal: To have the aircraft completed and flying to AirVenture 2020. This will be quite a task as we are combining efforts with students from Lewis University. Stay tunes as we'll be posting the project update starting in the next few weeks.